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We understand that private practices are getting squished with never ending new legal requirements on one side and decreased payments on the other. This demands a practice management software, which is efficient, fast and adaptable to do more in less time. It requires a simple but fast, powerful but accurate tools at hand. Electronic clearing house integrated within our practice management software not only provides promising tracking and control over claims but also brings late filing denials to zero. Warning messages are generated to make sure that not a single claim is left un-billed or a denial is ignored. Multiple quickies are created to save time and resources. More than one option is provided to do the same task to provide the ease of use. Each screen is designed to look simple to avoid distraction and mistakes. Much effort is put to save any extra key stroke of a user. Same logic across the modules is provided to deliver harmony.

Patient check-in: support eligibility check, card scan for assurance of information, co-payment and deductible tracking, patient picture, referring physician, no-fault or workmen compensation specific information fields, advance directives, immunization and preventive care. Yet simple to use and complete enough to not-to miss any bit of important information. Multiple guarantor attachment option makes it dynamic.

Feature Rich Coding: gives piece of mind to its users. It automatically takes care of modifiers, incidence place and referring physician requirements. Group coding is another star feature.

Integrated Electronic Billing Clearing House: Owning claims clearing house gave us the liberty to make it part of our practice management software. Claims screening before batch creation eliminates many denials. It means in seconds our clients can send electronic claims, check patient eligibility, and check claim status. Batch acceptance reports come automatically over night. Acceptance / rejection reports come back from insurance company within 72 hours. Automated electronic posting for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances makes it more interesting and fun.

Collection Module: Most billing softwares ignore this most important role of a practice management software. eSoftMD-PM offers special module to filter all unpaid claims along with mandatory information to make phone calls to insurance companies. It is unique, efficient and perfect for collection. User do not have to go to screen to screen to answer insurance agent's verification questions. And it keeps the track of phone calls over period of time along with claim status

Patient Ledger: gives detailed or summary patient invoice pruning for a single patient or for all in a date range.

Security: role base login options are provided for security reasons. HIPAA and ARRA requirements are taken care at all levels.

We understand doctor's practice environment well. Our years of exposure to our clients, their day to day medical practice tasks, taught us how to help our clients when any of the following distraction occurs:

  • Never ending phone calls at front desk which keeps Interrupting the thought / work sequence of the front desk Staff
  • Multiple calls to medical billers for different queries
  • Multiple phone calls to providers
  • Different emergency scenarios for doctors/staff
  • Ignored / forgotten patient visits due to some interruption
  • Failure of any computer equipment
  • Walk-in patients with school / office form request
  • Staff's ignorant behavior (in some offices)
  • Missing patient files
  • Forgetful patients
  • Change of Staff
  • Legal matters

Due caution is taken and tools are provided in our practice management software to avoid any work loss because of any of the above.

Initially created for medical billing companies with input from professional billers taught us to create a feature rich practice management software with time saving quickies.

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