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Medical billing and HIPAA Consultancy services

We started a as medical billing services under "Yak Digital Co.", going into Medical Billing Software and EHR was later decision. At Yak Digital Corp. our billing department is ten years old now and as a team we possess more than half a century experience in medial billing and collection. We are well know for our committed services.

How can we provide more promissing services is because we have our own:

  • Medical Billing Software
  • Electronic Clearing House
  • Electronic Posting
  • Electronic Eligibility Check
  • Electronic Claim Status check

Not only above we also support/offer (optional) our clients:

  • Create electronic supperbill at their practice (so there is no hassle to mail)
  • Check patient eligibility electronically
  • check claim status electronically
  • See billing progress reports instantly (you can check it 24/7 from your office or home)
  • Punch-in patient payments (co-payments, deductables) directly into the main billing data
  • Answer patient billing enquery calls

We offer/support:

  • Medical Billing
  • Posting
  • Collection
  • Invoic Patients
  • Credentialing
  • No-fault W/C billing
  • Hospital billing (professional)

With our perfect combination of dedicated and experienced billing staff and software technology we have been able to offer and do better than most other medial billing services.

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