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Welcome to Yak Digital Corp.
Yak Digital Co. is a Medical Billing Company

HISTORY; A HISTORY OF OUR SOFTWARE; HOW OUR SOFTWARE WAS DEVELOPED: YAK Digital, the parent company of eSoftMD, was founded as a medical billing company in 2001. We tried many, many kinds of medical billing software, all of which resulted in some kind of headache when we tried to use them. Many were unnecessarily complex, requiring heavy investments of time to learn and use. The most common flaw we experienced was the hidden costs attached to features, which we considered basic and necessary but were not included in software as offered. All in all, this experience clarified for us what we wanted, and what we knew worked, in a software: simplicity, ease of use, time-efficient, and no hidden costs. As one of our clients adamantly stated “I don’t want to hustle with software, I want to take care of my patients!” To address these issues we created our own medical billing software, eSoftMD.

Medical Billing

Our medical billing software (included in our EHR) is based on pure billing experience and our client's recommendations. It is well-thought out and well-seasoned through use. It is simple to use; easy to learn. Our billing software is a labor-efficient time and money saver, especially with its integrated clearinghouse features. With eSoftMD you can track claim progress. It even has a special collection center. Using our software will give you more chance to interact with your patients. You will train quickly. The screens are easy to use, quick to grasp, quick to read, and to the point, with no extra stuff. Simply the essentials are displayed.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

When President Bush announced the EHR requirement for the health industry we decided to expand our software following the same development model. Our electronic notes functionalities were designed by doctors/users. Our interface is based on showing only the required information of a portion of notes on which the user is working. This helps to greatly reduce or even eliminate chances of mistakes and confusion. Simple but complete. Easy but powerful. Fast but accurate. These are the pillars upon which eSoftMD is built.

eSoftMD includes the following integrated modules

  • Electronic Medical Billing
  • Claims Clearinghouse
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Electronic Lab Ordering
  • Electronic Notes
  • Interoperability
Integrated, and all with the same simple and intuitive interface eSoftMD is known for. You won't have to waste time buying, mastering and running separate programs, like you would have to do with some of our competitors' softwares

CHOOSING A SOFTWARE; COMPETITORS OFFERINGS; DON'T GET CAUGHT IN THE ??? TRAP , SOFTWARE PITFALLS AND PERILS: There are a lot of softwares out there. Care and consideration must be taken to find the software, which is best for you, your patients, and your practice. A good choice would be one you are comfortable with which also fulfills the requirements of the industry and qualifies its buyers for the "American Reinvestment & Recovery Act" (ARRA) incentive dollars. According to HIT requirements, an EHR must have, at minimum, the following modules: 1) Electronic Prescription -- Quality of pharmaceutical data is critical; 2) Electronic Notes -- Notes must follow "Evaluation & Management Document 1997" criteria defined by "Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services" (CMS); 3) Medical Billing capabilities; and 4) Interoperability.

It takes a lot of effort and time for any practice to adopt an EHR, which means money (time spent to learn) and determination to adopt are at stake. Research had found that it takes four to six months for a practice to fully adopt an EHR, if it is the right one; we not counting the failures here. It is a very important decision for any practice to select software, which meets their current needs. We are committed to the success of our clients, as we believe that our existence is attached to it. We wish you all good luck. To help you succeed we have illuminated some of the pitfalls and perils on your path to choosing the right software.

Our Team

Young and dynamic, team's profile combines business background with technical and creative capabilities. Our Collective Experience is of more than 60 years.

We have strength of 20 peoples. Including Architects and Technical Experts growing at approximately 40% per annum in headcount. Our Architects and Technical Experts are highly qualified and experienced. We have high skills and high scaling technology development facility.

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